Amazon cancels development of MOBA Breakaway


Amazon Game Studios has apparently decided to shelve its work on MOBA Breakaway's development, citing that the team will instead focus on "new ideas." First announced in 2016, the game was set to be a take on MOBAs with "Buildables" over regular enemies that you'd summon forth for assistance, as well as four-vs-four brawls and full Twitch integration. It appears that over the course of the game's life, however, the various hurdles it's ran into have proven too much for Amazon Game Studios to deal with. 

Thus, the company has announced via Reddit that they've chosen to cease the development of Breakaway. "In spite of our efforts, we didn't achieve the breakthrough that made the game what we all hoped it could be," the Reddit post reads. "After a lot of soul searching, the team decided to focus on new ideas. As a result, Breakaway is no longer in active development."

Amazon Game Studios is still at work on New World and Crucible, though there isn't much information available on either title right now. It's even possible that we could see Breakaway again in the future, but it doesn't seem likely, especially with how many MOBAs have already tried and failed to crack into the market.

"We remain exceptionally proud of the team's work, and feel privileged to have been a part of such a dedicated and enthusiastic community," the Reddit post reads. "We will reach out to this channel as soon as we have news to share regarding our new projects, and if a thunderbolt of inspiration strikes that leads us back to Breakaway, you'll be the first to know."

Paragon comes to mind as a recent example, which ended up being splintered and released as individual assets for new game creators. Perhaps if Breakway is resurrected at some point, it will be in the form of a different title, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up just yet. 

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