The Barbarian Barrel has officially been added to Clash Royale

Another card is now ready to be unlocked by all players in Clash Royale.

The Barbarian Barrel was officially added to Clash Royale as of 2am CT on April 6. This three-elixir Epic card can be unlocked by any player who reaches Arena 10, Hog Mountain.

The card is slightly similar to the Goblin Barrel, which is another three-elixir Epic Spell that involves a barrel. But other than that, the two cards are actually quite different.

The Goblin Barrel can be thrown in the air at a particular target, and three Goblins spawn after the barrel breaks. The Barbarian Barrel, though, is rolled on the ground—similar to The Log card. Additionally, only one Barbarian spawns when this barrel breaks.

But since the Barbarian Barrel is more comparable to The Log, many players might elect to use the latter in their decks. The Barbarian Barrel costs one more elixir, has a shorter range, and deals less damage than The Log. And the fact that a single Barbarian spawns doesn't really make this card worth the extra elixir.

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The Barbarian Barrel is the latest card added to Clash Royale following the Magic Archer, which joined the game on March 2.

Although the Barbarian Barrel may not see much use in competitive play right away, Clash Royale players will likely develop some interesting strategies with the card now that it's officially in the game.

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