Firewatch is coming to Nintendo Switch this spring


Adding to the long line of ports coming to the Nintendo Switch, developer Campo Santo is bringing 2016's gorgeous Firewatch to the system this year.

Just announced today via Campo Santo's official website, Firewatch doesn't have a concrete release date just yet, but it will be hitting the handheld/home console hybrid at some point this spring. 

“This spring, take your Nintendo Switch on an outdoor adventure and experience the gripping mystery beloved by gamers and critics alike,” the official post reads. If there were ever a game perfect for taking along with you on the go, Firewatch definitely fits the bill. 

Taking place in 1989, Firewatch follows a young man named Henry as he's just taken a new job as a fire lookout in Wyoming. He's got to do anything he can to keep on keeping on after his wife ends up developing dementia, and as such dives into the job with all his being. He meets another watchtower named Delilah, who ends up being his supervisor, and the two form a bond as they work together to investigate the goings-on in the area on a day-to-day basis.

Things deepen from there, but that's the gist of the game in a nutshell. It's deceptively simple with a ton of heart, and you'll find yourself lost within its narrative in no time. 

If you can't wait until this spring, you can grab Firewatch on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. It's available right now. But if you want to take it with you, just hold out for the Switch version. If you enjoy "walking simulators" you'll probably find a lot to love about this game, though it's not exclusively part of that genre.

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