The game list for Summer Games Done Quick 2018 has been revealed


The games list for Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2018 has finally been revealed after months of waiting, with a host of new and old games making the lineup.

Over 1,300 speedruns were submitted for this year's event, which was down 200 submissions from AGDQ, with 177 games being accepted overall.

Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid Samus Returns are just some of the games making their GDQ debut at the event. Spyro the Dragon and Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage will also make up a small Spyro block at the event, to coincide with the new Spyro Reignited Trilogy announcement.

Super Metroid and Super Mario Maker will be making their return to the event at SGDQ after missing out at AGDQ 2018. Both games are huge fan favorite titles and bring in a huge amount of donations when they are on stage. The games scheduled range in platform and age, covering everything from the Atari Jaguar and SNES up to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro.

SGDQ is a marathon event, in which players must beat games as quickly as possible to raise money for charity. It brings speedrunners from across the world to a single event that is streamed online. Viewers can make donations for a chance to win prizes and help out Doctors Without Borders. The event will take place from June 24 to July 1 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The last installment, AGDQ 2018, raised over $2.26 million while last year's SGDQ raised just under $2 million for charity. An SGDQ event has never been able to raise more than $2 million, so fans will be curious to see if SGDQ can finally reach that milestone this year.

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