The Forest is finally leaving Steam's Early Access program


After four years in Steam's Early Access program, Endnight Games' survival game The Forest is finally releasing in full, the developer announced via Steam earlier today. The game has been available in an unfinished state since 2014, but it'll make its official debut at the end of the month.

It's been a while since survival games were seen as the zenith of video game popularity, but The Forest proved quite popular when it was released, even spawning a PlayStation 4 port in its wake. The release of its final PC version, however, also means that it's finally getting an unlockable ending to story mode, at long last. Players who have been tooling around in the game for some time waiting for this to occur should be happy that they're finally going to get some sort of resolution.

The completed version will also feature a new VR game mode, multiplayer save game updates, a newly reworked cold and warmth system, more buildables, and several other additions to help make the game feel more "complete." The game is also going up in price from $14.99 to $19.99, so these perks will cost you an extra $5. 

The Forest follows the plight of a sole survivor of a plane crash who's left to his own devices after being stranded in an austere new land. It appears he's not alone, as he must spend his days harvesting supplies and crafting items that he'll have to use to avoid a series of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic mutants at night. 

If you're looking forward to trying out The Forest's full release, you can nab it on April 30 with the price increase, at long last.

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