Oddly enough, Bullet Witch is getting a PC remaster


When Bullet Witch released on Xbox 360 back in 2006, it was swiftly met with a torrent of negativity. Much of it was for good reason, as the game isn't exactly a paragon of excellence. While it offered an interesting amalgam of gunplay with decidedly Japanese anime-inspired aesthetics, its execution was less-than-stellar. 

Interestingly, XSEED Games is publishing an all-new version of the game for PC with "a host" of visual as well as quality-of-life-focused improvements. You'll take the reins of the Bullet Witch herself, Alicia, as you use her gunrod weapon to obliterate wave after wave of demons with bullets or magical powers.

In addition to the core game, you'll receive all the original cosmetic content as well as DLC that was previously available for the game back when it originally debuted on Xbox 360. There's also a selection of bonus missions that will lengthen the campaign beyond where the original story left off.

Bullet Witch is nabbing a digital release on Steam on April 25, with a 10% discount off its full price of $14.99 for the first week it's live. If you're interested in trying out an enhanced version of the game and would rather not pay the dirt-cheap price used games stores are charging for it currently, this isn't a bad price to satisfy your curiosity. 

This game could have been a hit, especially considering its interesting design decisions, combining Japanese and Western design ideas, and the idea of Alicia herself being a sort of witch. It brings to mind games like Bayonetta, which could very well be a distant cousin of this title. The gun rod itself, which is able to transform into other types of firearms, is especially useful in tandem with her magic spells, and while some combat is satisfying, it's ultimately frustrating when you need to perform the same moves over and over. Perhaps the tweaks it'll feature this time around will be enough to lift it out of the "terrible game" status that's been thrust upon it, or at the very least its digital box art will improve on the atrocity that made it westward. Seriously, it's awful.

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