A new trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead reveals a new playable character, Maya


The makers of the PayDay series have released a second character trailer for their upcoming co-op FPS spin on The Walking Dead —and it looks pretty awesome.

The trailer features Maya, one of the game's four playable characters. She's seen washing her bloody hands with flashbacks to the origins of the zombie outbreak when she was working at a hospital, showing two very different sides to her.

Maya joins Aidan as the only two characters revealed thus far. Each character will possess their own unique abilities and skill trees to help differentiate them, much like the characters in Overkill's previous work games.

Considering the scenes showing Maya working in a hospital, which is probably one of the worst possible places to be when a zombie outbreak occurs, we can assume that she will have some sort of medic or healing abilities in her skill tree. This will most likely make her a very important part of the squad.

While Maya's specialty looks like it will be healing the team, it's tough to extrapolate what Aidan's strengths will be just from watching his trailer. The short clip seems to hint at him being proficient with melee weapons. But in the zombie apocalypse, it feels like that should be a prerequisite for everyone.

So far, no gameplay of The Walking Dead has been seen since it was announced in August 2014, and the game has been delayed twice. But these two trailers inspire hope for a pretty cool game to fill the co-op zombie-slaying void left by Left 4 Dead.

Currently The Walking Dead is slated to release this fall, with two characters left to be revealed.

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