Multiplayer sky-ship sandbox Worlds Adrift coming to Early Access next month


If Sea of Thieves took place across a fleet of ships floating around in the air, it might look similar to Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios' new title, Worlds Adrift. The game is an interesting specimen. Its ambitious premise follows multiple players taking to the sky to form their own fantasy world of flying ships. And now it's got a release date: It launches as a Steam Early Access title this May. 

Originally born from a game jam, Worlds Adrift was first created to allow a procedurally-generated world, but the design has since changed from there. It's now based on designs made by players, via the Island Creator tool. It's all player-made, so much that it's referred to as "the world's first community-crafted MMO." Community-made or not, it's a gorgeous-looking game indeed, as you can tell from the trailer below, and fans will be charged with putting things together from the ground up. Now that's an interesting premise. 

The similarities to Sea of Thieves are obvious, though Worlds Adrift should be able to stand on its own with its own set of strengths and challenges. It's much more of a sandbox-based affair, for example, and there doesn't appear to be anyone guiding you along to complete quests or have you attack other players' crews for booty, as it were. 

The game has been available to test for about a year, but it'll be up for grabs for the public to digest when it releases via Early Access on May 17 for $25. If it looks like something that's up your alley, you may want to get in on the ground floor before it releases in full, as it could turn into a Sea of Thieves-esque phenomenon. 

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