Leaked footage shows Spidey rocking his Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider suit


The upcoming Spider-Man PlayStation 4 title is looking even cooler every time we get another glimpse at it. Now, what appears to be the second of three upcoming preorder bonus suits has us salivating over what could be coming next as well. The Iron Spider suit from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War was seen in a leaked trailer that PlayStation ended up posting early, apparently. 

There was an official PlayStation trailer that went live on the company's YouTube channel, but then it was taken down almost as quickly as it went up. Luckily, it was saved by Spidey fans all over the internet. While most have been deleted by now, there's one that appears to still be online, which can be seen from Twitter user Kulturpat. 

After Sony announced the upcoming Spider-Man PlayStation 4 release, it also let slip details about a pre-order bonus fans could snap up: the Spidey Suit Pack. We already knew about the Spider-Punk suit before, but now we know the second one as well. Each of the suits will come with their own unique abilities, but we don't know what they'll be at this point.

The leaked trailer states we could see another suit reveal in July, but there's nothing definite at this time. We do know, however, that Spider-Man is hitting PlayStation 4 as an exclusive on Sep. 7, 2018. 

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