Frostpunk Sold 250,000 Copies in Just 66 Hours


Survival steampunk city-builder Frostpunk has just surpassed a quarter-million sales in its first 66 hours, the game's official Twitter account revealed on Friday.

Frostpunk launched for PC on April 24 after originally being delayed last year. The game has since peaked at just over 29,000 players during its first week, according to Steam Charts. As of April 30 at 1pm CT, Frostpunk is also the 21st most-played game on Steam by player count, beating out Sid Meier's Civilization VI, Fallout 4, Path of Exile, and Stardew Valley.

In Frostpunk, players rule the last city on Earth after a brutal winter causes a widespread famine. Managing the city's residents and the infrastructure that lets them survive, players must maintain New London's resources, laws, technology, and civil order in order to ensure the human race continues—even if that means some must suffer for the city to live on.

The game's developer and publisher, 11 bit studios, has promised to create future content for players in light of its sales.

"Yes, we had plans for the expansions and now we're 100% sure we are doing that, including many free updates of course!" 11 bit studios CEO Grzegorz Miechowski said, according to a tweet from the Frostpunk Twitter account.

In a post-release update post from 11 bit studios, developer Rufus Blackwood said the team plans to "polish some rough edges of the original game," such as balancing issues and bugs. Frostpunk's developers are also interested in an endless sandbox mode for players to check out, but for now, Blackwood said it's "too early to announce" any additional modes and scenarios.

11 bit studios previously released survival-strategy title This War of Mine in 2014 to critical acclaim. Frostpunk, meanwhile, is available for PC now.

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