Dead By Daylight dev's new survival game Deathgarden enters closed alpha tomorrow


The creators of Dead By Daylight are back with a new game, and this time around it's an asymmetrical PvP game called Deathgarden. It's got a gnarly enough title, but will it be worth checking out?

That's something we'll have to determine when we can jump into the closed alpha starting tomorrow, May 9. 

Deathgarden is set in the future and revolves around a popular sport that entertains people around the planet. In the game, Hunters prey on Runners, though you can choose to play as either one in-game. Runners are more lithe and agile charactes, while the Hunter is heavily armed, seeking out the Runners to eliminate them one by one. It's all in a bid to keep them from escaping an arena known as the Garden, which is a different setup every time you play. 

If you choose Runners to play as, you'll be able to access different kinds of upgradeable abilities, where Hunters will instead be dealt various traps and powerful weapons. If you're into hiding and keeping out of harm's way, it seems that Runners would be an ideal option for you, and players who love to annihilate things with plenty of firepower might instead want to stick with Hunters. 

You can head over to Deathgarden's official website to sign up for the closed alpha, but given that it's starting tomorrow, you may not get in just yet. That's okay, though, as it seems like the type of game that'll require multiple tests going forward, and you can jump into one of those instead. It sounds kind of lame due its odd name, but it may be well worth settling into depending on what all it has to offer going forward.

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