Head out on a family vacation with Go Vacation, coming to Switch


Nintendo is bringing the adorable Go Vacation collection of resort-themed sports minigames to the Nintendo Switch. Originally released 7 years ago for the Wii back in 2011, Go Vacation was a collection of over 50 different minigames, each with a distinct "vacation" theme, from beach volleyball to tennis. It was a relatively quiet release on Wii, but perhaps it'll get the attention it deserves now that it's come to Switch. 

Bandai Namco's vacation-centric adventure comes packing plenty of cooperative and competitive games that you can play either solo or with up to four players using one Switch console. You can opt to use motion controls if you'd like as well, which should lend a more realistic lilt to the games that include swinging rackets and whatnot. 

There are four different resort areas on the island of Kawawii (it's almost like the Japanese word for cute, "kawaii," but with "Wii" as a part of the word). You can explore each different locale on foot, via horse, snowmobile, or via lots of other different vehicles. You can also customize your character, decorate a personal villa, and even snack at food trucks. There's no word just yet on what sort of augments (if any) the game will be getting with its jump to Switch, but you can assume it'll feature plenty of graphical improvements since debuting nearly ten years ago. 

It won't win over any hardcore gamers, but Go Vacation was a blast with friends on Wii, so it should make for a decent addition to your multiplayer-centric Switch parties if you decide to pick it up. It's hitting the console this summer on July 27. 

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