New emotes datamined from Fortnite's latest update include dances, basketballs, and a donkey


A series of new emotes have been found within the files of Fortnite's brand new 4.3 update, and they look like they will be pretty popular.

Courtesy of @FNBRLeaks on Twitter, two of the emotes are good, old-fashioned dances, while the other two have distinct personalities and sound effects that will undoubtedly be used to style on enemies after defeating them.

"Boogie Down" is one of these classic dances, which is perfect for any kind of occasion, whether you're in the pre-game lobby or just finished off a Victory Royale.

"Rambunctious" is another in a long line of silly, hilarious dance emotes in the game.

The release of "Baller" and two basketball-themed skins will most likely coincide this week with the start of the NBA Finals. Nicely done, Epic.

Now, this one is interesting. On the surface, a laughing emote seems like it's a long time coming, but that sound effect tied to it is a donkey. We're not sure why. Let's see if that sound sticks when the emote comes out.

These emotes are obviously not final, but they are found within the game's files, so the odds of them being added to the in-game store and made available for purchase via V-Bucks in the coming days and weeks are pretty high.

Keep an eye out for updates to the store, which usually go live at around 7pm CT each night.

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