Hitman's "next target" will be revealed on June 7


IO Interactive's Hitman may have a new season in the works. A tweet from earlier today teases that Agent 47's "next target" Is "incoming," and fans can expect more news by the middle of the week.

In the tweet, Hitman's Twitter account reveals that new information on a target is coming and that "the profiles have been uploaded," suggesting that more than one target may be on the way. A short teaser clip invites Agent 47 to scan for clearance, only for access to be denied until June 7, 2018.

It's unclear who the target may be, as the clip features a black-and-white image that's obscured in the background. But the photo appears to show a woman in a bedroom or lounge posing for a camera in relatively fashionable clothing. As for where Agent 47 is headed next, that remains unclear until later this week.

IO Interactive's episodic stealth game Hitman originally began in March 2016, after the company released the first episode for the game. Six episodes in total were released, with each new installment featuring a different location around the world for Agent 47 to explore and infiltrate in order to assassinate a high-value target. Hitman has since been praised for returning to the same open-ended gameplay found within the franchise's biggest hits, including Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman 2: Stealth Assassin.

Hitman's first six episodes were dubbed the game's "first season," and IO Interactive has teased that a second season is on the way. Whether June 7's reveal will introduce players to the game's Season 2 content, fans will have to wait and see until later this week.

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