Life is Strange brings its tearjerker of a story to Android devices this summer


Dontnod Entertainment's Life is Strange is coming to mobile devices, specifically Android, later this summer. Square Enix just announced the good news today, ahead of the release of its vampire-themed RPG Vampyr tomorrow.

Life is Strange had previously been available via iOS, but now the rest of the mobile gaming world will get a chance at making their way through the memorable narrative adventure game. This time around, they'll get a bundle of new features, such as full controller support, touch screen integration, and a photo mode so you can capture your favorite moments with Chloe and Max as their friendship blossoms just like it did when the pair were kids. 

The photo mode, like the very same we've seen in games lke God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, lets you take photos in-game to alter with special filters, while working to get that perfect angle of the characters in each screen. It can do some really transformative things to simple screenshots, that's for sure. What looks like a flat scene between Chloe and her mom Joyce can be turned into poignant examples of photography like that you might see in Max's portfolio at Blackwell Academy. It's pretty impressive, to say the least.

All five episodes from the first season of Life is Strange will be coming to Android, though there's no official information on pricing just yet. You can, however, go ahead and pre-register for them right now if you can't wait for their July debut. Otherwise, the game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC as well as iPhone.

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