A new Fortnite fan concept shows off an awesome shield consumable for teams


Fortnite's community is forever thinking of awesome new ideas to add to the game. Since Epic Games is always listening to feedback, it's always possible to see community concepts like this awesome one one day come to the game.

One of the cooler concepts in recent memory was posted to Reddit today by a user named GUTI23. It has the same essence as the Cozy Campfire item, which heals you and your team when you gather around it. This item, however, is for shields.

Image via u/GUTI23

The "Peaceful Pool" fills up a tiny kiddy pool with shield juice, and it will replenish your shields just like drinking one does. The concept has the pool refilling one shield per second for a maximum of 50 shields, so you will have to sit around for a while.

Since it's of Epic rarity, it would be harder to find than a Cozy Campfire, and regenerates slower than one too. In order for players to get shields, they must sit in the pool, which makes it a dangerous prospect when being attacked, so the item is relatively balanced in theory.

This item would be a cool addition for Squads especially, for players to gather around and shield up before pushing any final engagements in the last few circles. It doesn't seem too game-breaking due to its drawbacks, so it's possible we could see something like this in Fortnite sometime down the line.

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