Anthem's 4 Javelin classes explained | E3 2018


EA finally revealed more details about Bioware's Anthem in today's E3 press conference, showing off a bunch of gameplay videos and introducing two new Javelin classes.

Javelins can be customized to offer new abilities, weapons, and more, but each one has its own unique abilities and skills that shouldn't be overlooked.

Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah revealed that players can switch classes on the fly in a recent interview with GameInformer. Knowing what each class is, what they're capable of, and how to use them effectively looks to be vital in the world of Anthem.

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Two classes were already revealed last year in the initial trailer: the Ranger and the Colossus Javelin.

The Ranger is the "all around" Javelin. It doesn't excel in one particular area, but instead, it provides a balanced experience to give you a taste of everything available.

Ranger Javelins appear to be a lot more mobile to give the character freedom in fights. This utility is sure to offer players more options in battle to help out their teams in order to gain the upper hand against the large amounts of monsters patrolling the world.

The Colossus Javelin is the tank character of the lineup, offering large shields and high health to take on most of the damage for the team. From what we've seen in the trailer, the Colossus class seems to have a lot of distinct variants and modifications that can turn it into a long-distance grenade launcher fighter or an up-close and personal flamethrower-wielding death machine.

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The two new classes revealed in today's E3 press conference were Storm and Interceptor, bringing the total number Javelins to four. Not much is known about them at this time—they're unplayable on the show floor right now. The Storm class seems to fit the role of a mage in the group, however—it moves freely through the air and looks unnatural when in comparison to the other Javelin types.

Interceptor seems to fit the rogue role for the game. It could be a swift, nimble Javelin that moves around fast and deals little bits of chip damage over time. Interceptor could also fit an assassin role, but for now, these two Javelins remain a mystery.

Anthem is set to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Feb. 22, 2019.

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