Psychological thriller Transference debuts new footage at Ubisoft conference | E3 2018


Elijah Wood, creative director of Spectrevision, was on hand with Benoit Richer of Ubisoft Montreal to chat about Transference, a new interactive narrative that looks positively terrifying in several different ways.

The trippy VR title had a brief moment on stage, but we didn't get as full of a look at the game as we would have hoped, given that it's been an entire year since it was first introduced. We got our first glimpse of Transference back during E3 2017, and since then we've seen hide nor hair of it, so it's good news that it's still trucking along and we should indeed see more updates here and there in the future.

Transference will find players exploring the life of a "brilliant yet troubled" scientist named Raymond Hayes, who's put together a bizarre, corrupted simulaton of his family from the brain data of his wife Katherine, son Benjamin, and even Raymond himself. Nothing is as it seems as the game shifts back and forth from the perspectives of each family member, forming an unstable and unreliable narrative that you'll have to solve puzzles to piece together properly. 

The collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft Montreal certainly looks like a far-out offer, especially as the company has handled projects like the re-release of cult animation classic Belladonna of Sadness and the Nicolas Cage thriller Mandy

The game will combine live-action footage with intriguing new storytelling methods with actors like Macon Blair, Lindsay Burge, and Tyler Crumley when it comes to both VR and other gaming platforms this fall. 

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