Destiny 2: Forsaken's new Gambit mode looks like a ton of fun | E3 2018


Destiny 2: Forsaken will bring a new story campaign and a ton of quality of life changes to the game this September—but the highlight of it might be the new game mode called Gambit.

Bungie detailed Gambit in a brand new trailer from E3 today, and it is looking like an absolute blast.

Gambit pits two teams of four Guardians against each other, but with a very unique twist. The two teams will split off into separate arenas to fight AI combatants in a classic PvE battle, fighting off waves of enemies like the Cabal, Fallen, and even the new enemies called the Scorn.

"Fight, Collect, Bank, Invade" is the mantra of Gambit. As you kill enemies, they will drop motes. The motes can be collected and added to your bank to rack up score. The first team to bank enough motes will spawn a Primeval final boss, and the first team to kill their Primeval wins the game.

But it's way deeper than that, because there's a lot of griefing opportunities. If you bank enough motes at once, you can spawn a "blocker" in the enemy team's arena to hinder their progress. Once the blocker is killed, the bank is open again.

Here's where it gets really interesting, though. Once you bank 25 motes, you're able to send one of the four members in your team into a portal to invade the enemy's game and kill them like you can in a classic game of Crucible. An invader will also be able to enter whenever the Primeval is spawned, further complicating things.

The invader will be able to see a number next to the enemy players to denote how many motes they are carrying, and the motes disappear once that Guardian is killed.

Gambit will only be available in Destiny 2: Forsaken, which launches Sept. 4 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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