The Larvitar Pokémon Go Community Day event goes live tomorrow


Niantic's next Pokémon Go Community Day event is coming, giving trainers the chance to catch one of Johto's most beloved Pokémon—Larvitar.

The Lavitars available during the three-hour event will know Smack Down, which is an exclusive move just for this event. The Pokémon will only be available to capture in local community parks and centers, however, so get ready for a nice walk this weekend.

As well as Larvitars spawning more frequently, trainers will be rewarded with three times as much experience throughout the event for any actions. That includes raids, gym battles, and capturing Pokémon. This will allow trainers to level up on their quest to unlock new items and rewards.

The event will also introduce shiny Larvitars into the world during the three-hour time window. Shiny Pokémon are special color variants of the original Pokémon and are some of the hardest to find in the series. Niantic has been adding shiny variants for all of its Community Day Pokémon for the past few months during the three-hour event.

With so many Larvitars available, trainers will need to stock up on candy in order to get the powerful Johto Pokemon Tyranitar, which is a great gym defender and attacker. To get this Pokémon, trainers will need to have 25 Larvitar Candy to evolve it into a Pupitar, and then 100 more Larvitar Candy to evolve Pupitar into a Tyranitar.

The events starts at 1pm CT in North America, 10am GMT in Europe, and noon JST in the Asia Pacific region.

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