Facial expressions added to some Fortnite emotes


Yesterday's minor Fortnite update that re-enabled shopping carts also had another small change—and it's pretty hilarious.

Epic Games employee "Magyst" posted to Reddit explaining that some of the game's best emotes have been updated to include facial expressions that were previously blank stares. Some of the emotes can be seen in this video below.

Some of them are pretty funny and very expressive, which is a nice change. In total, 16 emotes have gotten a bit of a makeover, but all new ones in the future will receive facial expressions.

"Going forward, all new emotes will have facial animations and we plan to more animations to all existing emotes in waves," said Magyst. "We’ll continue to polish, and please let us know what you think!"

The full list of emotes that have gotten facial expressions are True Love, Tidy, Breaking Point, Pure Salt, Kiss Kiss, Face Palm, Jubilation, Finger Guns, Disco Fever, Fresh, Take the L, Make it Rain, Hootenanny, Squat Kick, Step it Up, and Flippin' Sexy.

The emote changes can be seen live in-game now. So the next time you and your friends wipe a squad and bust out the Take the L dance, take a look at your characters' faces to see what's new.

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