PUBG get first-person action, Royale Pass on mobile


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' first-person mode has finally been added to the mobile game.

PUBG Mobile has been updated to the 0.6.0 version, adding a number of notable features to the game. Android and iOS PUBG players can now access a first-person mode, a new feature called Royale Pass, an Arcade mode, and a bunch of emotes. Here's the rundown:

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  • Royale Pass and Elite Royale Pass: Players are able to participate in weekly and daily missions to earn points, which lead to crates. It costs money to unlock rewards without playing, and the first season will start in mid-June.
  • First-person mode: The mode has its own tier system.
  • Mini-Zone: Mini-Zone is an Arcade mode that drops 100 players onto a smaller map with more resources and air drops.
  • New skins and emotes: Weapon and airplane skins are now available via the Royale Pass and crates. As for emotes, players are able to lap, taunt, and laugh at other players.
  • Armory: Players can now view all weapons and attachments with their stats in PUBG in an armory.

Additional updates include new character models, bug fixes, and a new post-match results screen. Players will also find a bunch of new additions to the shop, as well as a character customization page, which is accessible from the profile screen.

PUBG Mobile dropped on Android and iOS internationally on March 19. In May, the free game reached more than 50 million downloads with 10 million daily active users. The 10 million figure doesn't include players in China, according to Tencent.

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