Playdead's gloomy Limbo and Inside are coming to Switch next week


If you missed creepy puzzle platformers Limbo and Inside when they first made their rounds, you're in luck. Both depressing releases from Danish studio Playdead are coming to Nintendo Switch next week, just in case you needed your daily dose of gloom on the go.

Limbo's a spooky monochromatic puzzle platformer that first debuted back on Xbox 360 nearly ten years ago in 2010. It featured dark and terrifying visuals as well as physics-based gameplay that unfortunately ended up in your child avatar meeting horrible deaths if you failed. Not too sunny, but an excellent game that's well worth revisiting, especially in the dark. 

Inside debuted in 2016, and was considered Limbo's spiritual successor. It featured many of the same mechanics its predecessor did, as players took control of a boy trapped in a bizarre, dystopian world while trying to avoid a swift death at the hands of many frustrating environmental puzzles and enemies. He can be mauled to death, blown apart, or even drown. Yeah, it's pretty gruesome.

You'll be able to play both games when they land on Nintendo Switch on June 28, though if you can't wait, they're available on other platforms as well. There's no word if they'll potentially be offered up as a set or if you'll have to pick them up separately, but both are worth experiencing, especially if you enjoy puzzle platformers and the macabre. They've got plenty of both elements in spades, that's for sure. Make sure you stick around until the end of Inside for the creepy twist, too. You won't be disappointed.

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