Select Xbox Insiders can try out the new Xbox Avatar Editor app today


The new Xbox Avatars are available now for certain members of the Xbox Insiders program. If you're a member of the Alpha ring, you should now have access, as of today, to the new Xbox Avatar Editor app, which allows for a startling amount of customization. 

It's been an entire decade since Microsoft first introduced avatars via Xbox Live on Xbox 360, and now the system has seen its biggest update yet, which brings a wide variety of body types, clothing, and categories for users to edit. You can customize nearly every facet of your avatar now, right down to face jewelery, nails, makeup, moods, and tons of other things as well.

Your skin tone, hair, props, clothing, and other accessories can also now be customized, with over 16 million color options up for grabs. Previously, you were limited to the colors available to you, with few ways to edit your avatar beyond that if you didn't want to purchase items. 

Now, you've got plenty of ways to express your individuality as far as your avatar goes, with new accessories, props, clothes, moods, and other categories coming to the editor soon. Xbox Insiders will also be getting dashboard integration with the app soon, according to Microsoft. 

If you want to share your new creation with the world via your gamerpic, you have the option to pose them for a quick photo that can be used as such, too. You can snap a pic of them mid-emote for the perfect shot that expresses who you are in a cute little square photo. 

Not a big fan of the new avatars? You can still opt to use the old ones if that strikes your fancy instead, as they won't be going away or removed from the platform. There's just a lot more to the system now, and lots of new ways to show the world who you are. If you're interested in seeing what the app has to offer, make sure you sign in and check it out as part of the perks of being an Insider, as it looks quite interesting. 

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