Fortnite: Battle Royale may be getting a Limited Time Mode with fewer materials


Fortnite: Battle Royale could be getting a new Limited Time Mode that limits the amount of materials and ammo players can carry.

After today's content update, Reddit user /u/nehpets1999 found a new Limited Time Mode in the game files, but there seems to be an identical LTM in the same files. Ground Game and Tactics Showdown were both uncovered, and both modes aim to encourage "tactical combat and building by putting a cap on the amount of resources and ammunition players can carry."

While it's possible that these two finds could be separate modes, it's probably more likely that Epic just hasn't picked a name for the LTM yet.

The materials or ammo limits were not revealed, but in the traditional game modes, players can hold up to 999 units of wood, stone, and metal, so it is likely much lower than that. With an objective to prevent spam building and shooting, it's very possible we could see 75 percent less resources allowed per player.

In addition the cap on materials and ammo, player-built structures will also start off with less health, meaning it will be even easier to destroy any type of base or ramp. In the likely scenario a player falls to their death, they will also drop fewer resources than normal, according to the datamine.

Many fans of the game have voiced their displeasure for the recent nerfing of materials, which has made it tougher to accumulate a large amount. Less building takes away a bit of Fortnite's identity in some eyes, so it should be interesting to see how fans react to this Limited Time Mode.

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