Free remake of P.T. is just as haunting as the real thing


Ever since Hideo Kojima's "playable teaser" for Silent Hills dropped in 2014, the promotional short became its own classic to horror fans. Shockingly, Silent Hills was cancelled soon after and the fleeting P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Network in 2015. P.T. left an unwavering influence, from indie games to Resident Evil 7, but many have been hoping to replay the original. Luckily a 17-year-old developer known as Qimsar has put together the most accurate recreation of the phantom game yet.

Still in its alpha stages, PT for PC is available to download via GameJolt. It perfectly nails the elements that made P.T. such a terrifying experience. Especially the memorably strange looping hallway that added such a delectable sense of dread. 

Qimsar has stated that they've only had six hours of experience with the Unreal Engine, and that this remake is their first project. It took around 140 hours to put it all together, elaborating on the demo and the process in a Reddit post. It's an extremely impressive endeavor for one ambitious P.T. fan. 

Qimsar plans to continue updating the game until a fully realized version has been completed. Hopefully the project isn't cut short by any wayward DMCA notices. Kojima's upcoming game, Death Stranding, seems to carry some of Silent Hills torches, including its leading man Norman Reedus. But we may never see anything from Silent Hills. At the very least we should be able to revel in the pulse-pounding perfection that was P.T. 

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