The latest PUBG patch fixes Sanhok's map exploit


A new update for the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launched earlier today, removing the frustrating hiding glitch on Sanhok that players were taking advantage of.

In certain parts on the map, players could pass through the terrain and even hide under certain textures essentially becoming invisible to other players. These spots gave players ideal camping locations to take out others with ease, reducing the chances of facing retaliation back unless their targets also knew about the exploit.

Currently the patch is only available on the test servers. The fix is set to roll out to the live servers once PUBG Corp confirm that the patch is stable.

The patch also updates some of the visuals on Sanhok to make the ruins and plant-life look more alive. Visual enhancements have also been made to the ruin area, cliffs, and rocks to breathe more life into the densely populated map.

Other additions to the new patch include an estimated wait time for matches and a temporary change to the in-game lobby, background music, and loading screen.

Another cosmetic change is a brand new PGI 2018 theme to celebrate the tournament in Berlin later this month. The tournament brings together some of the best teams from around the world to fight for a share of the two million dollar prize pool. Team Liquid, Welcome to South George (formerly Team Kinguin) and Pittsburgh Knights recently earned there spots in the tournament to represent the EU at the event.

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