Rocket League for free this weekend ahead of anniversary event


Psyonix is opening up its breakout car soccer game to the masses with another free Rocket League weekend. Starting today, Rocket League will be free to play for everyone on Steam or on Xbox One with an Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. All players who participate in the event can try out all the game's various modes, including Casual and Competitive Playlists, Arenas, and more.

The seemingly simple multiplayer game has been one of the big dark horse hits of the last few years. You can floor it on all the way through Monday, July 9 at 1 PM EDT, when the free weekend comes to a close. Plenty of time to figure out if cars with giant hats punting balls around is the type of game you'd like to commit to.

If your answer is yes, you can pick up the game at a discount during the free trial. Rocket League will be 50 percent off on both Steam and Xbox One, with select DLC packages on sale as well. The discounts will be available until July 9, when the free weekend concludes. 

The free ride comes ahead of a new bundle of content. The game's official Anniversary Event begins on July 9 and runs through July 23, which will introduce a new 3v3 Anniversary Playlist as well as a new Throwback Stadium. Additionally, the game's usual Keys and Decryptors will be removed in favor of Golden Eggs that can be cracked open to find one of 60 different customization items.

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