Jaina's tragic backstory explored in Battle for Azeroth cinematic


"Warbringers," Blizzard's animated series geared toward hyping up the new World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, debuted today with a short cinematic centered around Jaina Proudmoore.

Even if you're part of the Horde and you say things like "Sylvie is bae" unironically, this is some good and proper stuff.

The animation dives into artistic detail the story of Jaina's past. While it's strange that she's rowing into what appears to be the open ocean in nothing but a dinghy, it still paints a vivid picture. While a sea shanty themed around what we assume is Jaina is played in the background, she sails slowly into the ocean, reliving her worst moments.

She, and by extension we, see the death of her father by the Horde led by Rexxar. Which, just as a refresher, happened shortly after she defended the Horde to her people in an attempt to call for peace. A real twist as the knife as you could imagine, she felt a little bit of guilt after her father's passing. Her former sea nation of Kul Tiras shunned her.

The animation gives us not only Jaina's backstory, but hints to her future as well. While floating out to sea, the shanty and artwork depicts Jaina's constant anguish, yet ends on a different note. The song warns of "daughter of the sea." At the very end, Jaina raises her father's ship from the bottom of the ocean, stands atop it, and says, "Beware of me."

Jaina's resolve has clearly shifted, as was hinted at the start of Legion. She's done wallowing and blaming herself, and even if her former people don't want her around anymore, she's going to help them destroy the Horde.

Until some big, bad Old God shows up and inevitably ruins everything.

Battle for Azeroth drops Aug. 14.

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