PUBG's latest update adds training mode, new weapon, and new rewards system


The 21st title update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now live—and it's a big one.

Alongside a slew of bug fixes and performance improvements, this update adds the new training mode, a new rewards system, and the brand new MK47 Mutant assault rifle.

The Mutant is a 7.62 weapon that holds 20 rounds, and it can be upgraded to 30 rounds with an extended mag. It can be found on all of the game's maps through world spawn, and almost all types of attachments can be used with it.

The new training mode has been added so players can practice all of the aspects of PUBG. The map for the mode has a shooting range, a vehicle track, a racing track, an off-road area, and more. It's basically a sandbox playground to become accustomed to how the game plays.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Another new aspect of the huge update is the game's new supply system. It's a new way of offering rewards and objectives for playing the game. An example given was a mission to deal 700 damage to enemies throughout one week, and earn 5,000 XP. Another is to revive teammates three times for 4,000 XP. Leveling up your survivor level will offer you rewards like crates.

Additionally, the game's BP system has been restructured. Previously, the BP rewards were based only on ranking, but they will now take into account both play time and ranking. The system will also "equalize the differences in BP efficiency based on playing time for each map and mode."

The full list of patch notes is quite extensive—PUBG Corp has packed a lot of content into this one—and can be read on Steam. The update has been deployed and should be available to download today.

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