Xbox unveils "greaseproof" controller for PUBG launch


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds left early access on Xbox One earlier this week, bringing Xbox players all the maps and mayhem of the infamous skirmishes. Xbox Australia has something else in store for the anticipated launch. I don't know why they've waited for now. I don't know why they coupled it with this game. But the company claims to have designed a "greaseproof" controller for the game's release.

In a demonstration that includes lobbing chicken wings and dripping cooking oil on the new controller, Xbox's new peripheral promises to free your hands from the ultimate anguish: Reaching down to your jean leg to brush whatever slick is on your fingers as if the closer to your sock you stretch the less gross it is to brush it there.

Xbox teamed up with the company ColorWare to bring us this oddity. The controller is coated with a layer of polyurethane, which is found in many plastics and sealants. The layer seems to give the controller a sheen, as if it had been pre-larded before players could do any damage to it.

You'll have to move like grease lightning to get your sticky fingers on one of these. There are only ten, and they can only be won off Xbox Australia's Facebook page. Other Xbox accounts may have their own offers.

While odd to celebrate PUBG specifically this way, players all over the world will appreciate a controller that can withstand any slice or snack chip that comes its way. Well, every player except that speedrunner who lubed up their game pad to beat Super Metroid. You do you, kids.


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