New Pokemon Let's Go trailer reveals legendary Pokemon battles, Alola Pokemon


A brand-new trailer for Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! and Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! has revealed a bunch of new information about to the game before its release this November.

For starters, GO Park will send you to an open field where you can walk around and interact with all the Pokemon you have caught in Pokemon GO. You can access GO Park after connecting Pokemon Let's Go with the mobile game.

Alola Pokemon, which are different variations of Kanto Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, were also shown to appear in the GO Park. There has been no confirmation as of yet if these Pokemon will appear in the main game, however, or if they can only appear in GO Park.

The biggest thing to come from the trailer though is the introduction of legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos, as well as how players will capture them in-game.

Currently, wild Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go are caught without the need to battle them. Legendary Pokemon, however, will require trainers to defeat them in battle before having the chance to capture them, similar to Pokemon GO's legendary raid battles.

Other small features shown off in the trainer includes how candy will work in Pokemon Let's Go. Candies will boost your Pokemon's stats instead of evolving them like in the Pokemon GO series, with each candy boosting a specific stat like speed, attack, and defense.

There are also mini games in GO Park that can give you more candy in-game when completed. Currently, the only way to get candy is to release Pokemon that you have caught in the wild.

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