Ninja Theory's Next Game To Be Revealed In 2019

Ninja Theory's Next Game To Be Revealed In 2019

Ninja Theory is probably the most promising studio among those acquired by Microsoft lately, after the much appreciated Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

With Senua's Sacrifice released only in 2017 and Xbox One/VR versions dropped in 2018, it was quite a given we have to wait a bit more in order to have news about what's next from them.

Interestingly, Xbox's Phil Spencer has shared more details on that during the X018 event which has been held in Mexico City during the weekend.

Spencer was having a quick interview about what's coming in the future from Xbox One and Windows 10, and at a certain point a copy of Hellblade got out of nowhere, mainly because of its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass in December.

Surprisingly, he dropped a hint about the next project from the studio, which he claims it's being revealed in 2019.

Ninja Theory's Next Game To Be Revealed In 2019

“It’s really fun to not only see what Ninja Theory has done in the past," he commented quite stealthly during his chat with Julia Hardy.

"... but to look forward to next year and things that might come.”

A bit out of nowhere, isn't it?

We were expecting Ninja Theory to drop a new game announcement in time for the beginning of the next generation, so we could get it a bit earlier or at least as a cross-gen title, or have a look at the Xbox Scarlett already in 2019 with a release in 2020.

There's a lot to unravel about what the new Microsoft Studios are planning, so having a clue like this is pretty important to fix timelines for those announces.

Now we can really "look forward to next year."

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