Microsoft "Considering" Hitman Studio IO Interactive Acquisition

Microsoft "Considering" Hitman Studio IO Interactive Acquisition

According to insider Klobrille, who had spread a few rumors about Microsoft moves ahead of the E3 2018, the Xbox giant could be acquiring Hitman developer IO Interactive.

Based on his intel, Klobrille hints at Microsoft "considering" the opportunity to acquire the Copenhagen-located studio.

"Consideration = a fact or a motive taken into account in deciding something.". That's what it is. A consideration," he kicked off his tweet.

Microsoft "Considering" Hitman Studio IO Interactive Acquisition

"Don't create a 12 minute Youtube video about it claiming I confirmed an IO Interactive acquisition. I didn't. I confirmed the -consideration- by MS."

"It's a start," he added, before claiming that the Windows make hasn't "done" with acquisitions so we should expect more after Obsidian and inXile.

It's worth noting that, on top of the fact that he claims it's just a "consideration," Klobrille had already shared a rumor about Turtle Rock Studios, so there's a chance he's simply saying a few names that would make sense for an acquisition and hoping that they eventually turn true.

We must say, though, that an acquisition of IOI would truly make sense, as the Danish dev team has recently split from previous owner Square Enix and, after severe financial issues, had to work under a publishing deal with Warner Bros. in order to ship Hitman 2.

On top of that, Hitman is being handled as a live franchise, so looking at Microsoft's portfolio with games like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2, it would seem a good fit.

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