Death Stranding June 2019 Release Date Is A Placeholder

Death Stranding June Release Date Is A Placeholder

Walmart Canada has made quite a name in spoling gaming related announcements, and this time around it has tried and do the same with Death Stranding.

Hideo Kojima's next game for PS4 has indeed popped up in their listing, where it was claimed the game was coming on June 30.

The Walmart Canada Twitter account even confirmed that it was the date of shipping indicated for the title, when asked about the matter, in a first communication.

Death Stranding June Release Date Is A Placeholder

Then, it was revealed that it was just a "mistake" and that the date was actually "a placeholder" since the developer and the publisher haven't shared more information on the topic.

Interestingly, the June 30 date is a Sunday in 2019, so that's sure enough not accurate for a video game release.

Anyway, it must be noted that the date could be pretty indicative of when the game could be releasing, as a rumor claims The Game Awards 2018 could share the launch window for the title.

Should it carry a proper release date, June would be a quite fitting month for the game, as it'd mean a six month streak for the usual marketing efforts.

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