Red Dead Online Microtransactions Now Live, 25 Gold Bars Available For $5

Red Dead Online is still in beta testing, and when it was launched last month the one major concerns the community raised was the weird working of in-game currency. The cash and gold bar rewards that the players received for completing different activities in Red Dead Online didn't do justice to the amount of hard work the players put in to complete them. Rockstar Games did acknowledge this fact and recently tweaked the working on the in-game economy in Red Dead Online. Fast forward to today, Red Dead Online microtransactions just went live, and players can buy Gold Bars in exchange for real money.

The following is a screenshot of a PlayStation Store listing of Red Dead Online Gold Bars Special Offers where a total of 25 Gold Bars is available for $4.99. This is a "Special" one-time offer, you can check out the pricing of other Red Dead Online Gold Bars bundle below.

  • 25 Gold Bars is available for $10.
  • 55 Gold Bars is availabel for $20.
  • 150 Gold Bars is available for $50.
  • 245 Gold Bars is available for $75.
  • 350 Gold Bars is available for $100.

Red Dead Online PS Store Listing

It's all upto you to decide whether or not you want to go for this microtransactions. The other option is be happy with the tweaked Rockstar Games have made to the working of the in-game economy and hope that the do some more tweaks like that in coming days.

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