Pokémon GO Two Year Anniversary With Special Pikachu and Celebi Announced

Summer Pikachu

With an official announcement following the two year anniversary of Pokémon GO, trainers will be able to catch a special variant Pikachu (Because we don’t have enough already).

Starting July 6 and ending July 31, this decked out summer style Pikachu will look different wearing a straw hat and sunglasses. In addition, Pichu will also be seen more frequently sporting the summer attire. As always, Raichu will sport the same attire after you evolve your Summer Pikachu.

New items for your avatar will also be available for those who have earned the gold Pikachu Fan medal. You can purchase items that will include a t-shirt and Pikachu ears. If you don’t have your gold Pikachu Fan medal, now is a good time to complete it.

Pokémon GO Two Year Anniversary With Special Pikachu and Celebi Announced
Summer PikachuTL;DR Games • Fair Use

With the introduction of Field and Special Research to Pokémon GO, trainers have been able to play and expand their PokéDex in several new ways. One of those ways has been through Special Research quests. The first set of Special Research quests rewarded trainers with the Psychic Pokémon Mew. There were eight steps to earn the chance to catch Mew, with three quests attached to each step.

The next Special Research quests will reward trainers with the Grass and Psychic type Celebi. While some of the steps could be easy to complete, there will be some harder quests attached to it. Some of the quests that people were stuck on for Mew were Evolve Magikarp and Catch a Ditto. We can only expect that the quests to catch Celebi will be similar.

Niantic will release the Special Research quests in the near future. In the meantime, go out and catch the summer style Pikachu and earn that gold Pikachu Fan medal.

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