Life is Feudal Hands Out Over Two Million Dollars in In-Game Currency

Life is Feudal: MMO

Developer and publisher Bitbox has officially launched a global patch for their Medieval society building massively multiplayer game; Life is Feudal: MMO. To celebrate, each player will receive $20 worth of the in-game currency “God’s Favor.”

Perhaps more interesting than this nice gesture are the new features that have been added to Life is Feudal: MMO. United Game Worlds, a PvP Arena, a new Clergy system, as well as outposts and a slavery mechanic to help you get things done faster have been introduced.

Life is Feudal Hands Out Over Two Million Dollars in In-Game Currency
Major Update • Life is Feudal: MMO • Licensed by Owner

A United Map means that players will be able to travel between game worlds to visit other players and different regions. This can be done once a week for regular players and every two days for premium subscribers. Areas are marked in red for PvP worlds and green for “safe” worlds. Players can communicate across worlds using the global chat and trade is possible between worlds at the trading posts.

A clergy system has been introduced to Life is Feudal: MMO allowing players to worship a deity by taking part in specific activities and sacrifices. Whoever is most loyal can even become the pope for their chosen god, granting them powers such as global communication and the ability to excommunicate guilds.

The new PvP Arenas are battlegrounds where players spar using 20-foot tall soldiers in twelve-minute rounds. Mounts are prohibited and each player has unlimited resources. There is no need to fear defeat as skill loss is disabled and wear and tear on your equipment is reduced.

Finally, new outposts and the introduction of a slavery system are aimed at allowing players to accomplish more with less of a grind, particularly in the areas of resource gathering. Players can place up to four slaves per outpost, each additional slave speeds up productivity and earns more production. In PvP worlds, you can even enslave other players after knocking them out.

Fans of Life is Feudal: MMO are sure to appreciate the additional content and relaxation of grindy mechanics. You can find out more about this major update in the official Life is Feudal: MMO announcement.

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