Spider-Man Sold 9 Million Copies In 3 Months

Spider-Man Sold 9 Million Copies In 3 Months

Sony and Insomniac Games have announced that Marvel's Spider-Man has sold-through 9 million copies.

The game, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, has been released in early September and the copies count's stopped at November 25, 2018.

This means the title has managed to sell all this copies - properly sell, not just ship to retailers - in a matter of slightly more than three months.

Spider-Man Sold 9 Million Copies In 3 Months

The amount of sold copies is destined to further raise next time Sony details them, which should be in around March by their fiscal year's end.

That's of course taking into consideration that the game's been rather cheap throughout the Holiday and had a pretty solid season pass.

Even God of War's Cory Barlog has took some time to send his congratulations over the development team led by Bryan Intihar.

This should be more than enough to grant the title a proper sequel, perhaps in time to be a launch game for PS5?

The first three days had been just as Amazing as Spider-Man could possibly be, with over 3 million copies sold in such little timeframe.

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