The 5 Best New Features In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft has just revealed the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and it looks exciting indeed. The game will take place on an engineered island, and will put our Ghosts deep behind enemy lines as they attempt to stop an elite unit of Spec Ops soldiers, led by former Ghost gone rogue. Human enemies and machine will hunt you down, and you will need to play smart if you want to survive.

The gameplay that we saw features a whole lot of new features, so I thought it would be fun to run through what I feel are the best ones, and why they stood out to me. 


It always feels like there should be a pretty big penalty for taking damage in tactical shooters, outside of just dying. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is introducing injuries. Take too much damage, and your arm might get messed up, affecting your aim. Maybe your leg gets messed up, and you cannot move as quickly. Injuries will also have levels of severity, meaning very bad injuries can put you at a disadvantage. Injuries can be healed up using medical items, but it looks like you will need guaranteed safety to do this, as the enemy AI seems pretty aggressive, and the animation timers seem pretty punishing.
I'm looking forward to learning more about the injury system, but for now, I am just delighted to see that the game has one.

Tiered Loot

Reports from people who were lucky enough to get some time in the game indicate a tiered loot system. Enemies can drop loot, and chests containing weapons and gear will be hidden around the map. At the moment it would seem that some kind of tiered loot system is in the game, and this is great for a game that wants people playing it for a long time. Unlocking access to a weapon and then having no way to progress can make things get stale pretty quickly, but people will always play just a little bit longer to try and get their hands on some better gear.


Sometime after launch, the game will get at least one Raid. This is very exciting news and is further evidence that Breakpoint will be trying to give an experience more in line with The Division series than with Wildlands. Even the nature of Aurora, the island the game takes place on, offers great potential for different Raids, as it is filled with a vast variety of locations. Even though the game has Solo Mode, the Raids will be designed for four players, implying a solid emphasis on teamwork. 

A Class System

Breakpoint will feature a class system, allowing you to switch between the classes in between missions. Class will have their own abilities and gear, and will all play differently. This will allow you to jump between classes as you need to for different missions, and will also stop you from being tied into one style of play that can only change very slowly.

Prone Camouflage

I found this to be a very fun feature, that just seems to do a good job of making the world seem a bit more real. When you are lying in the mud, you will be able to cover yourself in it to help hide from enemies. After they move past you, you can then ambush them. It's the kind of situational mechanic that can really add to a gaming experience.

Those are my big takeaways from what I saw in the trailer. Overall, I am excited about Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and I am looking forward to learning more about the game. 

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