Next PS4 Firmware Update Bringing Wishlist, Gifting, Timelog?

PS4 Next Firmware Update Bringing Wishlist, Gifting, Timelog?

While we're about to get more and more news regarding PlayStation 5, it seems like Sony is still working on its current-gen console, as PS4 is reportedly getting a new major firmware update very soon.

The rumor comes from reliable PlayStation insider Tidux, who shared it on Twitter a few days ago with little fanfare.

The news is rather interesting itself and indeed reveals plans for PlayStation 4 support are still rather long running not only in terms of games on the way but also for what matters improvements to the operating system.

While that's something we really appreciated, we do understand that the company is working like this since it'll most likely be able to bring all the improvements from PS4 to the next-gen machine, since it is running on the same architecture.

So, what are these improvements about? As shared by Tidux, the console is getting a lot of much-requested features, which include PlayStation Store's ability of wishlisting and gifting games and content to other users.

On top of that, Sony might also be introducing trophy progression, with a bar revealing how far you are from completing a certain trophy in a certain game (same as it happens on Xbox One), and the ability to pin games on the dashboard.

One more thing that I'll probably love since I'm obsessed with playtime, on its way, there could also be a timelog/stats for all games, so you know how much time you spend on each title for your PlayStation 4.

Again, this is something that we've seen ages ago on Xbox One, but all these things would be very appreciated if they're really coming to PS4. What else would you add to the OS, in case?

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