Dauntless Fortune & Glory Update Introduces High-Level Trials of Lady Luck

Phoenix Labs has announced the next season of Dauntless, and it brings not only a new Hunt Pass but its new game mode. High Skies is a pirate-themed season that's spread across two Hunt Passes. The first of these, Fortune & Glory, introduces a high-level challenge mode called The Trials of Lady Luck.

The Trials of Lady Luck is for players who have already mastered the end game content in Dauntless and are looking for an even greater test of their skills. It centers around the arrival of a brand-new pirate NPC named Lady Luck. In this mode, players face off against modified Behemoths that use the abilities of several other creatures to make them even deadlier.

“Think Nayzaga with Ragetail Gnasher’s shockwaves and Shrowd’s near-sight vision,” Phoenix Labs says. The Behemoth that appears in this mode changes every week, along with other weekly challenges. Trials will come in Normal and Dauntless difficulty so elite players can up the challenge even further.

A final addition coming to the next season puts players to the test as Trials introduces new critters called smollusks. These are snail-like creatures that roam around the landscape during Trials causing trouble for players. They’re much smaller than Behemoths — even smaller than players — but they leave dangerous trails behind them that can make a fight with player's real target even tougher if players don’t take them out.

Players will compete for time in The Trials of Lady Luck, aiming to bring down the new enhanced Behemoths as quickly as possible. Dauntless comes with a new feature called the Wall of Champions to track who completes that week’s Trial the fastest. The Wall of Champions is broken up into Solo and Group times, and Phoenix Labs says that top-tier players could end up on both lists if they’re skilled enough. Each week, The Wall of Champions refreshes with times from the current Trials Behemoth.

Doing well in the Trials not only gets your name on a leaderboard. Players receive Steel Marks and Gilded Marks, depending on how quickly they complete the Trial and what difficulty they’re playing. Rewards for playing on Normal difficulty center on usable items that help in combat, while Dauntless difficulty rewards players exclusive cosmetic items.

High Skies kicks off on July 16 with the Fortune & Glory Hunt Pass. The Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass follows sometime in August. Phoenix Labs plans to reveal more details closer to its release.

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