New D-Pad To Remain A Nintendo Switch Lite Exclusive

New D-Pad To Remain A Nintendo Switch Lite Exclusive

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. It comes with multiple changes in comparison to the original Nintendo Switch. For example, it doesn't have a stand and doesn't come with detachable Joy-Con controllers as they will be integrated into the body of the console.

Interestingly, though, these controllers will come with something new and much requested by fans around the world, which is a proper D-pad that will replace the usual set of four buttons you see in the current Nintendo Switch model.

Does Nintendo plan on releasing new Joy-Cons with this different D-pad as a standalone product, allowing people already owning a Switch to take advantage of them, too? The answer is that the company doesn't think so at the time being.

"There are no plans or nothing to announce, in terms of further variations of Joy-Con," said Nintendo of America's new president Doug Bowser in an interview with CNET. So, at least for now, this new D-pad will remain a Nintendo Switch Lite exclusive, releasing on September 20. Perhaps things could change in the future?

The new, smaller, Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch screen and a resolution of 720p. It's a handheld only system, with no dock, no TV connectivity via USB-C, and no detachable Joycons or rumble function. It works with all the games that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch handheld mode. It has a price of $199,99 in the US.

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