Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite save files transferable, but unlikely at launch

Nintendo Switch Lite

Today, Nintendo announced one of the worst kept secrets in the video gaming industry, the Nintendo Switch Lite. It's a console with the power of the Switch but dedicated to handheld gamers. Non-detachable joy-cons and no ability to connect it to a dock for TV play, but it has reduced the power consumption for it and is $100 less. You can see more of what the new console is about here.

With the rumors and the reveal of the system, with the game’s nature of being portable only, there were questions as to whether the Lite version would be able to pick up where your main system left off? CEO of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser appears to have confirmed that it’ll be available for those who are looking at potentially owning both consoles. He did, however, stop short of giving any more details than to confirm that it’s their intention with the new console.

When asked about it by CNET, he responded:

Yes, you will have the ability to transfer between devices, your gameplay experiences. More to come on there, but that is the intention

This reveal gives more value to the console for those looking to perhaps own one for home console use and one to take with them on their journeys. The Nintendo Online service offers some cloud saving functionality, so this could be the key to unlocking the save share capability, where it will merely synchronize saves to the Nintendo Cloud Service when in a Wi-Fi network. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite releases on Sept 20.

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