Teamfight Tactics' "Reach Level 6 By The Second Shared Draft" Mission Is Bugged, Riot Working On A Fix

Teamfight Tactics

A mission in Teamfight Tactics is causing some headaches for people in Riot's Autochess game. The mission is to reach level 6 by the second shared draft, but at the moment a bug means it is almost impossible to complete. The game is reading the second shared draft as being round 6, not round 11 as players would expect. Only under the luckiest of circumstances does a player have enough gold to buy XP and hit level 6 before round 6, and for the vast majority of players, it's not possible. 

Riot is on the case, according to a post from RiotPopcOrner on Reddit.

"Hey folks, we're aware that this quest is bugged," Riot said in the post. "It counts the shared draft at the start of the game, which means you need to be level 6 by round 6, rather than round 11. We're investigation a fix, but we're also going to roll out an easy-to-complete 50pt mission in the next couple of days, so your pass progress isn't delayed in the meantime". 

RiotPopcOrner then left another message, saying the new mission would be worth 120 points because the stuck mission was blocking some other missions from appearing, costing players Pass progress. They then advised they would try and have an update on the stuck mission as soon as possible.

From this, we can take that the mission cannot get fixed this week, or else Riot wouldn't worry about adding a new mission to take its place. The issue was initially spotted last week on the PBE, Riot's test servers for their games and patches, but wasn't taken care of before the recent patch went live. 

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