Tub of GamerGirl Bath Water Sold for 10K

Image of the Instagram post listing the tub in question

GamerGirl Bath Water just never stops. First, Belle Delphine sold bathwater at 30 dollars per container. These have since sold out.

Plagued with rumors about the bathwater, because let's be honest, buying bathwater is a little odd and of questionable sanitation, Belle Delphine released a statement clarifying the situation. We've covered all of this, consolidating the rumors into a helpful article. Some of your faith in humanity can return now that you know the terrible stories are all false.

Yesterday, because the bathwater was such a huge hit, Belle Delphine listed a tub of bathwater and a video of her bathing in it for 10,000 US dollars. The listing, while posted on Instagram, was only available to her Patreon subscribers. Since its posting yesterday, the item has since been sold. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Ten thousand. And yes, sold.

It is the header image above, but here's the listing for more curious eyes.


I am selling bath water ONE LAST TIME...except this time it's enough to drown in 💦 If youre EXTRA thirsty then look no further, you also get a custom video of me bathing in the tub that I send to you! ~SOLD OUT~

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Perhaps it's not surprising that the bathtub already sold, and at such a cost. The original, small listing is already sold out after less than a week. There's a lesson in marketing and knowing your audience here. I'm a little afraid of what that is.

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