Yogscast CEO Mark Turpin Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Image of Mark Turpin

Another influencer is facing sexual harassment allegations. This time it’s the CEO of Yogscast, Mark Turpin. Following the allegations, Mark Turpin resigned from his position within Yogscast.

Yogscast isn’t new to sexual harassment allegations. Only weeks prior, staff member Caff was let go for similar charges. Mark Turpin released a statement about Caff’s behavior, denouncing it. It’s ironic that now Turpin resigned for nearly the same reason.

As reported by InfluencerUpdate.biz, the allegations include screenshots of Turpin requesting inappropriate photos from users on Snapchat and Instagram. At least one of the victims was 17 at the time. According to her Twitter post, once Turpin found out about her age, he begged her not to say anything.

Turpin posted his resignation on Reddit, apologizing for his behavior. In his post, he admits to sending inappropriate messages to members of the community and is “deeply embarrassed” about his “error in judgement.” He goes on to say there is “no excuse” for his behavior and apologize to those that have been hurt by him.

Lewis Brindly, the cofounder of Yogscast, followed up on Reddit with “it’s very important to me that we’re held to high standards, and he made the right decision to face up to his actions.” Previously, Brindly posted a call on Twitter for anyone hurt by a member of Yogscast to come forward about it. 

With Caff's previous allegations, and Turpin following shortly after, this is a poor reflection on Yogscast. If there's any saving grace to the entire thing, it's that the company is taking the allegations seriously and acting accordingly.

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