Activision Remake, Batman Arkham Legacy Rumored For The Game Awards


We’re still one month away from the start of The Game Awards 2019, but it looks like we’re still in the mood for leaks and rumors from the event. We’re always in the mood for rumors and leaks, but these seem rather exciting or even more interesting than the average.

These rumors come from insider Sabi, who has already ‘spoiled’ the entire Bethesda E3 2019 press conference, the announce of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, and more a few months ago, so they look pretty reliable, to say so.

“I recently heard of a POSSIBLY new Activision remake, but I need to get some more confirmation on it before I can mention it, as it’s up in the air right now. Additionally, there’s Batman, etc.,” said Sabi in one of his latest tweets.

So, it seems like there’s a chance that Activision might reveal a brand new remake at the event, and that would not be very surprising if you consider that Crash Team Racing was revealed last year at The Game Awards as well.

On top of that, we’ve heard rumors about Batman Arkham Legacy for a while now, and the game is reportedly in the making at Warner Bros. Montreal, the makers of Arkham Origins. As we’ve been waiting for so long for a new Batman Arkham game, it would be about time we get some info on that.

The Game Awards is coming December 12, 2019.