All of Saint-14’s Tower Dialogue Recorded

Saint-14's Tower Dialogue

One Redditor, Razhork, was so excited to see Saint-14 in the Destiny 2 Tower, they went out of their way to record all of the legendary Titan’s dialogue.

Razhork created the video showing Saint-14 play all of his dialogue while a Guardian stands there looking through his bounty menu. The entire video is nearly 11 minutes long, and Razhork is not sure if they captured all of them.

Regardless if he did or not, he put in the effort for it, and developers Bungie went above and beyond to make the titan out of time feel like a true icon

You can check out all of the recorded sound bites below. The dialogue true may extend through new seasons and as new expansions come out in the future. We don’t know what role Saint-14 will play in the future, but it’s fantastic to see how much Bungie is celebrating his return to the tower.

You can meet Saint-14 in the Tower right now, and you can help Osiris out with his missions by visiting him on Mercury at the Sundial.