Amnesia, The Room May Receive Nintendo Switch Ports


PC gamers may have yet another reason to invest in a Nintendo Switch. Developers for both psychological horror series Amnesia and puzzle title The Room have expressed interest in porting their games over to the console.

Late last month, Frictional Games responded to a tweet from an eager fan asking if the Amnesia Collection would launch on Nintendo Switch down the road. Frictional responded by saying the team “had some queries about this” and is “interested in doing a Switch port,” but that there aren’t “any solid promises right now.” Still, Frictional encouraged its fans to keep an eye on the developer’s Twitter account for any future updates.

On the other hand, The Room’s Fireproof Games also expressed interest in creating games for the Nintendo Switch this past weekend. After one fan turned to Twitter asking the studio if it wanted to bring the series over to the console, Fireproof responded by saying a Switch port is “definitely something we’re considering!”

It’s unclear for now if either series will eventually reach the Switch. But at the very least, Amnesia seems like a likely candidate. Frictional Games ported their psychological horror title SOMA over to Xbox One last year, suggesting the studio is interested in rereleasing their games to new audiences.

H/T Nintendo Life